• Complete solution for developers
  • 100% supervision of brokers and real estate agencies
  • Evaluation of sales in real time according to many parameters
  • Creating documents with the click of a mouse
  • Connection to the real estate servers and your own web presentation
  • Netreal is your business partner
  • Free demo version (set for your project)

Modern times require an effective automated solution – Netreal’s web based system will give you an advantage over other systems.

Minimizes the administrative burden and increases your company's
efficiency. The whole process of selling the project is managed
by the vendor while you have all the necessary
information available at all times.

Thanks to the extensive system of rights, we are able to set personal user permissions to individual modules, determining whether
the user can edit or only view an item.

The sale process – All that Netreal solves with a click of a mouse

General functions:

  • evidence of offered items and their management
  • management of the business case from A to Z
  • on-line connection to the web presentation
  • discount module - setting discounts and events - all linked to the web and real estate portals
  • economic outcomes - cash flow
  • user's history tracking

Functionality from the perspective of the corporate hierarchy

1. Role of the vendor

  • establishing the business case and its administration
  • automatic generation of contracts and amandments from predefined samples
  • setting of discounts for units pursuant to authorisation
  • easy creation of payment schedules
  • records of client's payments - posibility of pairing them
  • calculation of the final purchase price according to data in the owner's statement
  • management of client changes

2. Role of the sales manager

  • sales statistics according to both projects and vendors
  • overview of the project's economics
  • managing users, setting individual rights
  • management of price maps
  • management of payments, surcharges and arrears - CASH FLOW
  • management of business cases
  • evaluating the success of the project with regard to discounts

3. Role of the economist

  • access to specific business cases
  • summary of expected earnings
  • overview of surcharges and arrears
  • calculation of the final purchase price according to the owner's statement, taking into consideration multiple VAT rates
  • acces to contract documentation and payment schedules

4. Role of the project manager

  • module for budget expenses and revenues of the project
  • taking account of the discounts in the project's economics
  • unification of information between sale and the project management

5. Role of the lawyer

  • management and editing of standard contract samples
  • access to business cases and editing client contracts
  • register of changes in contracts

User functions form the perspective of a seller


After a customer elects an item from the offer, the vendor can immediately create a Business Case (BC). After clicking "make reservation", the Business Case guide is opened allowing the vendor to fill in the client's data creating a "tentative reservation", thus a reservation open to further changes. The vendor can additionally set permitted discounts, add other items (cellar, garage) or leave the Business Case as it was originally.

Reservation contract

We are able to generate reservation contracts in the documents section. It chooses the contract type, fills in the appropriate data, allowing the contract to be immediately printed out and submitted for sale. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes. The system is also able to generate a proof of payment and deed of amandment. The vendor then simply switches the contract state between "unpaid reservation", "paid reservation" etc.

Future purchase contract agreement

The next crucial steps come when signing the future purchase contract agreement at the beginning of construction. First, the seller generates a payment schedule from pre-defined model patterns, where he can add and edit payments. This creates a list of the pre-described payments. Then it sets up a contract for signing and allows the contract state to be changed to either "signed future purchase agreement" or "unsigned future purchase contract agreement". Next, in the basic module of the contract, the seller adds successful payments to the payment schedule. In case of payment delay, the vendor is automatically warned by the system (via e-mail, system message).

Purchase agreement and calculation of the final purchase price

The last, most important step occurs after composing the owner's statement and completing the sale. After reviewing all payments according to the payment schedule in the module "calculation of purchase price", the system will begin calculating the final price taking into consideration the actual area of the unit, the price of land underneath and around the building, the VAT rate (including any legislative adjustments), penalties for late payments, and calculate the final fee. Lastly, you can generate the final version of the purchase agreement with all data filled in, a proposal to deposit and print out any other necessary annexes to the contract from the print report.